December 6, 2021

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BridgeComm offers optical inter-satellite links for better navigation and data transmission

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Announcing today that it will provide clients AstroBridge OISL (optical inter-satellite links) tracking terminals, a pioneer in the optical wireless communications (OWC) services, and solutions, BridgeComm said that the terminals would provide customers with high data rates for the data transmission and adaptable performance in navigation. The AstroBridge OISL from BridgeComm will enable strong and secure transmissions utilizing MOCA technology, which will be delivered by radio frequency (RF) as well as optical lasers.

BridgeComm Chief Executive Officer Barry Matsumori stated, “AstroBridge OISL is a big step forward in the maturing of inter-satellite links and potential of satellite data transfer, as more companies are adopting inter-satellite links into their business models.” “In addition to greater speed and security, the AstroBridge OISL provides data rate capabilities of up to several gigabits per second while being lighter and smaller than its typical inter-satellite link counterparts,” says the company. These characteristics will significantly enhance functionality both in orbit and on the ground.”

The AstroBridge from BridgeComm is built for low orbits (LEO), and it features non-gimballed steering to provide greater regulation of the optical communication tracking terminals. AstroBridge’s non-gimballed steering capabilities enable tracking at speeds of over 1000° for every second, which is critical for constellations with numerous orbital planes and high tracking accuracy. Constellation-wide optical inter-satellite links, which link satellites in a constellation together, provide major advantages such as shorter wavelengths and improved range resolution as well as better synchronization.

BridgeComm is a global pioneer in optical wireless communications products and services, with operations in over 100 countries. The firm gives fast, safe, enterprise-grade broadband solutions for various markets via a worldwide network of the ground stations created to assist mobile terminals and complementary fixed. These markets include space investigation, terrestrial networks for the 5G connectivity and applications, as well as airborne lasercomm for major applications such as surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance, in-flight navigation, and in-flight navigation and positioning.

To accelerate the incorporation of optical communications systems, BridgeComm is developing a solution that flawlessly links satellites as well as high-altitude autonomous vehicles to the ground while also accommodating the growing demand for precise and regular data collection from low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites. BridgeComm’s solution, which is intended to either supplement existing RF systems or serve as a primary downlink channel, encompasses upfront design work, mission analysis, delivery and integration of the space terminals, and connection to the ground network that delivers the operator’s data directly from the satellite or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the server.

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