December 6, 2021

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Katanga, a mining company, has chosen Speedcast for satellite connectivity

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Katanga, a mining firm in Democratic Republic of Congo, has chosen Speedcast to provide satellite internet services to its offices and a significant mine complex (DRC). MCK Sarl (Mining Company Katanga) is a renowned Congolese mining company situated in Lubumbashi.

Internet access is essential for modern digital mine sites because it offers Internet of Things capabilities. It also ensures the safety of on-site personnel and equipment and offers crew well-being applications for employees in remote areas. As part of the three-year contract, Speedcast will provide services to MCK’s Lubumbashi head office as well as Ruashi open-pit copper as well as cobalt mine. As a result, Speedcast will provide optimized wide-area networking (WAN) across high-throughput terminals with very small apertures terminal (VSAT). Similarly, the company will offer C-band satellite connectivity as well as content filtering. In addition, the system will provide internet connectivity, cloud-based applications, Internet of Things, as well as crew welfare tools across all of their operations. In addition, all of the services are going to be supported by Speedcast’s worldwide Customer Support Centers (CSC), which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Speedcast’s enthusiasm was conveyed by James Trevelyan, who serves as the Senior Vice President in charge of the Enterprise and Emerging Markets. He expressed his delight that MCK had selected his company for the assignment. He went on to say that their C-band network is the most powerful in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to James, this allowed them to “enable the customer’s digitization agenda while providing the greatest performing primary or even backup communications solution,” according to James.

“Having smooth communications and network management is critical to our headquarters and operations as we prioritize effectiveness and digital transformation, both now and in the future, while remaining cost-conscious,” said Hubert Nkonkosha, MCK’s IT Manager. “Speedcast was an obvious choice for our requirements, and we are looking forward to relying on their staff for support and expert counsel in the future as we create a solid working relationship.”

Speedcast recently added a new High-Throughput Satellite to the Tier 1 satellite network throughout Sub-Saharan Africa (HTS). Even into 1.8m terminals, the HTS provides ultra-high signal availability. The view angle of the satellite across Africa is roughly 60 degrees. This makes it suitable for the steep-sided open-pit mines as well as weather-resistant in equatorial climates. It also includes the most up-to-date VSAT technology as well as a variety of bandwidth packages ranging from high-speed to gigabyte-only options.

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