June 30, 2022

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With Proterra and Apparent, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will install EV charging and solar microgrid to power 100+ electric buses

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The California Energy Commission has awarded the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) a $6 million grant to establish one of the biggest EV fleet charging facilities in the United States, which is going to be powered by a solar as well as storage microgrid.

Mayor Eric Garcetti stated, “Los Angeles is on track to reach a zero-emission future, and our investments in the clean transportation systems are powering that progress.” “The more electric cars we put on the road today, the fewer our emissions will be in the future, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future.”

LADOT’s adoption of electric buses will be aided by the solar and storage microgrid, which will be linked with 104 EV chargers as the agency converts to a 100% electric fleet by 2028. The EV-charging microgrid will be installed by Proterra and Apparent at LADOT’s Washington Bus Yard, where it will control EV charging and total energy use for over 100 electric buses. The project will cut greenhouse gas emissions, lower LADOT’s electricity costs, and offer emergency backup power that will allow the agency to continue operating in the event of a power outage by supplying clean solar energy produced and storage capacity.

“Meeting our sustainability and climate goals necessitates continued investment and swift action,” said Seleta Reynolds, LADOT General Manager. “As we get closer to our objective of a completely electric fleet, this award provides a critical support facility.”

At the Washington Bus Yard, LADOT will install 1.5 megawatts of both rooftop and bus solar canopies, as well as a 4.5MWh Apparent energy storage system, to help propel five Proterra 1.5-megawatt fleet chargers featuring 104 remote EV charging stations. The microgrid will leverage Apparent’s intelligent grid operating system (igOS™) platform to combine Proterra Energy’s charging infrastructure with energy generation, allowing the microgrid to manage how as well as when the electric buses are charged using solar energy, storage, or the utility. The initiative is one of the biggest fleet charging stations in the United States, with seven and a half megawatts of Electric Vehicle charging power.

“To assist power the transformation to electric fleets, fleet operators and transit agencies require durable, reliable charging systems. This groundbreaking project exemplifies how renewable energy may be used to power business electric car fleets and promote a sustainable, clean transportation future. “We’re excited to expand the benefits of our technology to assist Los Angeles in its transition to zero-emission, the electric transit buses,” said Proterra President Gareth Joyce.

The City of Los Angeles set a target for LADOT in 2019 to have a 100 percent electrified bus fleet by the year 2028. Proterra received its 25th ZX5 battery-electric transit bus earlier this year, assisting the agency’s move to a wholly electric fleet. LADOT now has 29 electric buses in its fleet, with another 30 planned to be in service by Summer 2022.

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